MAREXPO Project Summary

MAREXPO is committed to the dissemination of maritime research, technology and development (RTD) especially those achieved under the European Unions information technolgy programme (ESPRIT) and to the building of the Maritime Information Society. It will improve awareness of information and communication technology (ICT) and its potential to improve the industry's competitiveness in different maritime business processes.

MAREXPO supports the Commission’s RTD programs and stimulates the rapid take-up and implemen- tation of IT-RTD results in industry, particularly by SMEs. MAREXPO thus support and provide added value to the Commission’s activities on RTD and on the implementation of results. Not only knowledge on best practice implementations is disseminated, also the support offered by the ESPRIT programme to innovative companies will become more visible. Additionally, mechanisms, activities and services offered by the Commission’s Maritme Task Force (MTF), and by industrial and regional organisations (COREDES, AMRIE) become more transparent to the entire maritime industry.

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