The European IT Programme – ESPRIT Project Cluster: Maritime Engineering

MAREXPO Workshop Northern Europe

Making Information Technology

work in Maritime practice

Delft, The Netherlands

17 June 1999


TNO Building and Construction Research


Centre for Mechanical Engineering


Everywhere in the world Information Technology is pushing forward. Also the Maritime Industry uses the benefits of this technology. For ship owners, shipbuilders and their suppliers who want to play a significant role in the maritime industry, it is of vital interest to develop and apply information technology. In the European ESPRIT program, more than 50 IT projects have been carried out, relevant for the maritime industry.

In order to share the benefits of the projects for other companies as well as to initiate new projects, MAREXPO is started to take care of the dissemination of information. A few companies have considerable knowledge about IT, which also maybe interesting for other companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises in the area of:

  • shipbuilding
  • inland shipbuilding
  • supplying industry
  • yacht building

By means of this workshop, the state of the art in ICT as applied in the shipbuilding industry and relevant knowledge gained in projects supported by the ESPRIT programme, is presented. Here developers and potential users are brought together to apply knowledge and initiate projects to fill the existing gaps between the available and the desired knowledge.

Workshop participants

The workshop will be of interest to small-medium sized companies like ship owners, shipbuilders, her suppliers and related organisations in Germany and The Netherlands. People working in the ship design, outfitting design, engine room design, production preparation, software development, inspection and maintenance are warmly invited.


TNO Building and Construction Research, Centre for Mechanical Engineering will organise this workshop in co-operation with the Netherlands’ Shipbuilding Industry Association (VNSI), the association for the yachting industry (HISWA) and the Holland Marine Equipment Association (HME). The HME, HISWA and VNSI are representing the Dutch maritime industry and her suppliers. TNO is a research institute and partner in many European funded projects like MARITIME, SEAWORTH en FatHTS and active in many thematic networks, like PRODIS and SAFEREURORO.


The Workshop will be held at TNO in Delft, The Netherlands. Delft is approximately 70 km from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Travel time from the airport to Delft is about 45 minutes by train.


In Delft several hotels are available:

four stars
Hotel de Ark +31 15 215 7999
Museum hotel +31 15 214 0930
three stars
Hotel Leeuwenburg +31 15 215 9759
Hotel de Vlaming +31 15 212 2006