Impression of MAREXPO at "IiM 97"
Integration in Manufacturing
24 - 26 September 1997, Dresden, Germany


The IiM, an annual event for more than ten years, helps the dissemination of information and exploitation of results from the research and technological development (RTD) carried out under ESPRIT's Integration in Manufacturing (IiM) domain and related activities. It presents the opportunities arising from RTD results and experiences to a wide audience. The conference also aims to increase synergies among those currently participating in ESPRIT while lowering the barriers to ESPRIT participation for potential newcomers, particularly SMEs.

The conference deals with aspects of advanced information technology in manufacturing, engineering, construction and the process industries. It is aimed at participants who are engineers, engineering managers, information systems managers and quality and process engineers, as well as IT suppliers/vendors, academic researchers, technology transfer centres and industrial associations.

This year’s conference took place in the TREFF Hotel in Dresden. Based on the theme "Facilitating the development of IT technologies for competitive manufacturing" it had discussions, lectures and reports carried out in parallel sessions. In addition, a display of posters and demonstration was arranged. The participants of the conference particularly visited this small exhibition during the session breaks. One of around 30 booths was the MAREXPO consortium. On an area of 12 qm we presented the MAREXPO poster set, diverse brochures and leaflets and some multimedia CD-ROMS.

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The MAREXPO Booth (view 1)

The MAREXPO Booth (view 2)