Impressions of MAREXPO at ICCAS 97
October 97, Yokohama, Japan

MAREXPO has participated in the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding 1997 (ICCAS 97) in Yokohama, Japan. ICCAS 97 was the 9th international conference since 1973, which is held at different places around the world. ICCAS 97 attracted about 300 participants from 20 different countries. More than 70 lectures on all relevant information technologies issue for shipbuilding were given. A booth gallery has been set up to display the set of MAREXPO posters (see galerie), to show a prototype of the MAREXPO CD-ROM and some videos on successful ESPRIT projects. Hence, ICCAS is an expert conference, the MAREXPO booth attracted interest of many visitors. A reception at the MAREXPO booth including a verbal introduction of the project deepened the international contacts between visitors of Europe, Japan and the USA.

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MAREXPO Reception and Project Presentation

Project Manager Joachim Brodda, BALance and Kaj Johanssen KCS introducing MAREXPO and the European Research Framework to invited guests and the International as well as Local Programme Committe of ICCAS 97

MAREXPO Booth View

Prof. Howard Bunch, Office of Naval Research, USA talking to Kaj Johannsen KCS.

Japanese Major Research Project

A Major Research activity funded by the Japanese Ship Ocean Foundation and involving all major shipbuilding groups in Japan was also presented at ICCAS 97. This project is part of the very big research activity of the Japanese shipbuilding industry towards advanced CIM systems. The project GMME (General Product Modelling Enviroment) has developed a toolbox for the generation of STEP Product Models including a Common Frame Library.