EUROPORT is a biennial exhibition of equipment, materials, systems and services for the world's maritime industries. Almost 500 exhibitors provided a comprehensive overview of current maritime technology. EUROPORT 97 was held November 18-22 1997 in Amsterdam RAI.

In the same week Amsterdam RAI hosted also the 10th International Inland Shipping Exhibition in the same week. In the framework of EUROPORT 97 three Conferences were organised: the CEDA Dredging Days 1997, CIMAC Day 1997, 9th World congress of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN97). Annual meetings were held of the Dutch associations IRO (suppliers of up stream oil and gas industry) and VNSI (Dutch shipbuilding industry).

EUROPORT 97 demonstrated the following product categories:

  • Classification
  • Computers
  • Consultancy
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Dredging equipment and machinery
  • Electrical systems and electronics
  • Engines and propulsion
  • Information/publication
  • Inland shipping
  • Marine/offshore equipment and technology
  • Navigation
  • Pumps
  • Rescue, safety and fire fighting
  • Research ad development
  • Shipbuilding, installations and equipment
  • Sea-going ship construction and operation
  • Inland waterway ship construction and operation
  • Specialist vessels
  • Ports, docks and harbours.

EUROPORT 97 attracted huge business audiences from all sectors of the international maritime industries. More information can be find on internet:

Many visitors showed a clear interest in European research programmes . Both there was interest in taking part in European research projects and in the results of completed research projects. The MAREXPO leaflet was very popular and certainly it covered a need for information about European research programmes and the MARIS initiative. A large interest was observed in the Maritime Masterplan outlining the need for maritime research and the CD-rom explaining the MAREXPO project.


1.1 Photos from the booth

The photos give an overview of the booth. In the booth you see Mr. Gerard Janssen (TNO) and his PR-officer Nicole Broekhuis (TNO).

europort1.jpg (36632 Byte)

europort2.jpg (40729 Byte)

View to the video screen where alternating the MARVEL video and the Odense ESPRIT success story where presented. In the back the MAREXPO CD could be explored on a multimedia PC.

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europort4.jpg (46325 Byte)

Discussion about Maritime Research and Developement.