Impression of MAREXPO at "EITC 97"
European IT Conference
24 - 26 November 1997, Brussels, Belgium

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(View to the main entrance of the Congress Centre)

The annual European IT Conference organised by ESPRIT has developed over a period of ten years to probably the most important event for the ITC related research activities. It covers the wide range of topics featured by the ESPRIT programme and beyond. High ranking delegates from industry make the event a valuable oppertunity place  for the exploitation of the RTD results. An accompanying exhibition features company-centred stands presenting leading-edge technologies and products stemming from work done in ESPRIT and demonstrations of the outcome and potential of ESPRIT’s take-up and technology transfer actions.

The three-day event EITC 97 was one of the year's largest gathering of international IT and communications experts, with some 1500 attendees to throng the Brussels Congress Centre. At the exhibition MAREXPO was one of around 80 stands which represented over 400 companies and institutions.

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