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Gdansk, April 8, 1999

Vyskumny Ustav Dopravny (Transport Research Institute)

Veducy Divizie Vodnej Dopravny

dr ing. Jaromir Klepoch




On behalf of the MAREXPO project Co-ordinator and the Director of Ship Design and Research Centre I have a pleasure to invite you to take part in the "European Maritime R&D Activities in Maritime Information Technology and Aspects of Extended European Co-operation" EUCETO-1 International Workshop that will take place on May 11, 1999 in Gdansk, in CTO’s headquarters.

The target of the EUCETO-1 Workshop is to exchange information on practical experiences related to European Union research programmes participation.

The company BALance Technology Consulting from Germany is playing a role of co-ordinator of the MAREXPO project within the ESPRIT programme (European Union’s Information Technologies Programme). CTO, as an associated member and a representative of Polish Shipbuilding industry to COREDES (Committee for Research & Development in European Shipbuilding), is in a touch with the BALance company.

There will be some technical presentations of the companies engaged in the European research projects run at the Workshop, as well as by CTO which has also applied – together with Polish shipbuilding industry representatives - for its place in the EU 5th Framework Programme. There will also be dr. Karl-Heinz Robrock from European Commission as a guest, who will introduce the funding opportunities for the maritime industry under the 5th Framework Programme and a representative of FEMIRC network who will discuss Polish associated partnership to the EU R&D framework.

The official language of the EUCETO-1 Workshop is English.

Here you have my warm welcome to take part in the Workshop in person or to hand the invitation over to your representative engaged in UE projects. Please, confirm your participation by May 4, 1999 (03:30 p.m.): by phone (+48 58 307 43 87 – Mrs. Hanna Wójcicka or Mrs. Joanna Wierszylo), by e-mail (w.market@ship.cto.gda.pl) or by fax (+48 58 307 44 75).


With regards,

Eng. Jan Dudziak, D.Sc.

Director of Development Affairs of CTO