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Survey Area: Europe is Leading in Ship Classification
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European classification societies ensure Safety at Sea by classifying and surveying more than 50% of the world fleet

This demonstration area gives the visitors an introduction to SAFETY AT SEA and how the Classification Societies and their SURVEYORS play an active role in maintaining quality and safety and Safeguarding Life, Property and The Environment.

Classification Societies are institutions which develop rules and standards for safe ships. All ships must be in compliance with the rules, and surveyors employed by the societies check that ships meet the given standards for safety. The Surveyor is the on-site representative doing safety checks during the construction and operation of the ship.

Furthermore, the use of modern INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is demonstrated.

  • How it is used by the Classification Society throughout the entire life of the ship.
  • How information is effectively shared between organisations and people in the shipbuilding and shipping industries.

The communication satellite in the ceiling and the neon lights connecting the posters on the circular wall illustrate the communication between the various organisations and people involved in the shipbuilding and shipping industries:

  • Ship Designers
  • Ship Yards
  • Ship Owners
  • The Classification Society

Two synchronised videos show images of shipping and shipbuilding. In the videos visitors may see e.g. how the captain onboard the ship has access to the same computer based information as the representative on the ship owner's office and the Classification Society's surveyor.

The computerised model serves as a mirror image of the real ship. Information about the ship is maintained and communicated throughout the whole lifetime of the ship, from it is being designed until it is eventually scrapped.

Also in the Design- and Production demonstrators displayed before the Survey demonstrator advanced use of information technology is demonstrated. Information is being re-used for different purposes. This technology is called PRODUCT MODEL Technology. EU supported projects have contributed largely to the exploitation of such technology.