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Production Area: Europe is Leading in Advanced Robot Welding for Shipbuilding
robot.jpg (29291 Byte) Europe employs one of the world most advanced robotised shipyards
In the production area a new type of robot system is displayed. A standard industrial robot is mounted on a special device, which allows the robot to be moved into remote and basically closed areas of a ship to perform welding tasks. This multi-axis special device can be moved computer controlled and is operated by means of hydraulic cylinders as further demonstrated in the computer show running aside in this area. The robot shows some typical welding movements and simulates welding by means of a laser light. Partly a result of European research a first robot system of this type will enter into real production soon. The area shows further other examples of robot systems for different applications in shipbuilding in the computer show and on graphic panels. On the back wall a big graphic panel shows the world’s biggest multi-gantry robot station running at Odense Steelshipyard, Denmark.