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Design Area: Europe is Leading in Design Technology
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Engineroom Modell

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3D-Model of Engineroom

70 % of the World Tonnage on Orderis designed using European Design Systems
The area for "design" is divided in two parts. In the first part different models, drawings and design instruments are displayed to illustrate old ways of working and results in ship design.

Entering into the area at the wall on the right side three wooden "half-models" of ships are displayed. These models appearing as a piece of art today have been used in former time "in production" for hull shaping (form giving), steel-plate dimensioning and to get design impressions on the silhouette of ships. The models are courtesy of the Maritime Museum of Malmö/Sweden.

A scaled engine room model (Scale 1:20) is displayed behind the glass wall at the other side. Models like this have been used until recently to perform complex design tasks for technically crowded areas, i.e. engine rooms for ships but also power plants, refineries etc. Production-drawings have been derived from these models. The model belong to a containership for the transport of 3000 containers, with a loading capacity of 40.000 t. The ship is 215 m long, 32 m wide and 21 knots= 38 km/h fast. The main engine as displayed has 7 cylinders and 20.000 kW.

In the second part a futuristic working-place for a designer is displayed. Nowadays, advanced computer technology allows the designer to perform their design tasks "virtually", i.e. without building wooden or plastic models. A computer generated 3D simulation, a "Walk-Through" through a digital mock-up of a ship is continuously running on the screen integrated in the area. The ship is a new ferry produced by a shipyard in The Netherlands. The display shows that computer technology can replace the old models and drawings and produces very attractive and even more useful results for production and after sales services. The blue neon tube interconnecting the design area with the following robot area indicates the data transfer from design to manufacturing.

European software is leading in design technology for shipbuilding and the software is running in all relevant shipbuilding countries in the world.