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TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research is a fully independent R&D organization with a staff of about 4000 and a total turnover of approximately 350 MECU. The organization occupies a unique position in transferring knowledge, bridging the gap between university research and the industry and government. An important number of industrial clients belong to the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's).

The Centre for Mechanical Engineering is part of the Department of Engineering Mechanics and Information of the TNO Building and Construction Research which is one of the institutes which form TNO.

Among other the Centre for Mechanical Engineering has been actively involved in maritime research for over 30 years.

Besides that it the Centre regularly co-operates with other TNO institutes as TNO Industry (material research and fabrication technology) and TNO Institute for Perception (ship safety research and human engineering). Moreover we co-operate with Dutch Universities of Technology and external organisations as the Netherlands Maritime Research Institute (MARIN) and participates in many European research Programmes ESPRIT and BRITE/EURAM etc..

Project references

Collision experiments

In 1991 the Centre carried out collision tests with two inland waterway vessels. The purpose of these experiments was to demonstrate effectiveness of double hull structure and to verify the accuracy of computer programs. In 1994 the Centre performed grounding experiments again with help of an inland waterway vessel. For this purpose an artificial rock was constructed on a pontoon. This year (1997) a new series of collision experiments will be carried out.

ESPRIT projects

MARITIME Modelling and reuse of information over time, electronic information sharing and exchange between engineering disciplines and business partners in maritime industry1992-1995
MAREXPO Dissemination of results of maritime ESPRIT projects on
maritime expositions and conferences.

Other projects participated by our Section for Information Technology:


BRITE/EURAM projects

MATSTRUTSES Advanced material and design procedure for large size SES structures1994-1998
FatHTS Fatigue based design rules for the application of high
tensile steels in ships.TNO is project co-ordinator
SEAWORTH Improved ship design for marine safety: Extreme load effects and hydrostatic coupling.
TN-NETS Thematic Network "New concept and technologies for
the next century maritime transport". This a network of project co-ordinators of maritime Brite/Euram projects.
TN-SAFEREURO-RO Thematic Network on safety of ro-ro ferries

EUREKA projects


EUCLID projects

RTP3.8 Naval application of composites

Within the MAREXPO Project TNO is responsible partner for the participation of MAREXPO at the following events:

Europort 97 Amsterdam 18.-22.11.97
EITC 98 Brussels Nov. 98

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