Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the Engineering School of the Technical University of Lisbon which is committed to education and research in various areas of engineering and technology. It has an academic staff of approximately 800, and about 7500 undergraduate students, 750 MSc students and 260 PhD students.

IST has a five years degree course which covers traditional areas of Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding Technology, Maritime Transportation and Ocean Environment Modelling, each having an important component of Information Technology in dealing with analysis and modelling. This Unit, in addition to concentrating on academic research work it its area of competence also operates as an interface between the University and Industry by carrying out applied research projects for the industry.

It currently has about 40 research personnel organised into four groups, one of which deals with the application of Information Technology to the Maritime Industry. More than 30 of the current personnel are funded from research contracts.

These groups have participated in several national and international projects several of which financed by the European Commission through its programmes BRITE/EURAM, MAST, EURET, ESPRIT, HUMAN MOBILITY and COMETT. It has also the experience of being project coordinator of one BRITE/EURAM and one MAST project. IST will bring its experience as a marine IT research unit to MAREXPO, and is in a position to fully exploit its activities within the project by dissemination of the results and demonstration events including the EXPO’98 in Lisboa.


Prof. Carlos Guedes Soares
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Instituto Superior Técnico
Unit of Marine Technology and Engineering
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