Established in 1864, Det Norske Veritas, DNV, has worked for 131 years as an independent foundation, with the objective of 'safeguarding life, property and the environment'. DNV has a total of 4,400 employees, and comprises a network of 300 offices in 100 countries. DNV's Head Office is in Oslo, Norway.

DNV is a leading provider of safety and reliability services, where classification, certification, verification and advisory services are key activities. The staff consists mainly of highly qualified engineers and technical personnel.

The Society is authorized to act on behalf of some 110 national maritime authorities.

With a market share of close to 15 percent (75 million GRT) of the world's commercial fleet and 17 percent of world newbuilding in 1996, DNV is one of the world's largest ship classification societies.

DNV establishes Rules and Guidelines for the classification of ships, mobile offshore platforms and other floating marine structures. It also issues rules and standards for the classification, certification and verification of fixed offshore structures.

DNV is the leading classification society in certification of Safety and Quality Management systems for shipping companies based on DNV's SEP rules, the ISM code and ISO 9000.

Reasearch and technology development is a prioritised activity within DNV, and constitute close to 7% of the total turnover. To be able to handle the increased information flow, DNV is looking into the next generation of Information Technology.

A large amount of data must be handled in a consistent and efficient way. Yesterdays paperbased systems is being replaced by a Product Model philosophy. Several of the research projects related to Information Technology which DNV take part in, are aimed at use of Product Models and at the Product Life-Cycle concept. The ESPRIT project SEASPRITE is only one example of such IT related projects.

DNV is responsible for the MAREXPO SURVEY demonstrator to be presented at EXPO 98 in Lisbon.

When DNV launched the NAUTICUS system in 1995, it was the result of several years of development. NAUTICUS is DNV’s implementation of product models designed to be the major source of data from design and construction of ships throughout the ships life.



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