Company scope

BALance is a young consultancy firm founded June 1996. We offer consultancy services in the tension field of best practice technologies, business process re-engineering and human resources including coaching and implementation of jointly developed concepts and strategies. It is our challenge to increase company performance by exploiting the potential of latest information and communication technology in tailor made solutions. BALance consultancy services are based on BAL.SILK, the BALance strategy for information-logistic concepts. BAL.SILK is a modular approach comprising a selection of tools and methods for different levels of consulting. On this basis we are targeting at a performing balance between humans and technology, employees in hierarchy, investment and productivity as well as between co-operating companies.

Electronic Data Interchange

Paperless, electronic data interchange (EDI) between commercial partners is the business of BALance Technology Consulting. We support you in selection, introduction and optimal use of electronic data interchange technology and solutions. The focal point of our consultancy service is selecting and linking the individual technical and structural components (WAN, EDI-System, EDIFACT, STEP, SGML, process organisation, etc.) including the involved application systems (resource management software, order processing software, warehouse management software, purchasing software, accounting systems, CAD).

As a logical additional service BALance offers BAL.DIS, the BALance Data-Integration-Service. BAL.DIS offers a cost-effective technical service for data conversion with a minimum of investment to establish easy transfer of electronic documents of daily business processes. BAL.DIS focuses on newcomers in EDI or on those companies with limited data transfer quantities. BAL.DIS offers data conversion services for EDIFACT, ODETTE and in-house formats. The basis for communication is ISDN and X.400.

Electronic Marketing

New media offer new chances!

Yes! - But which?

BALance offers consultancy services to find the right answers to this question in particular for product and company presentations via Internet or CD-ROM. We build electronic catalogues for appropriate product representation including search functions and attractive screen design. BALance assists during specification and realisation of according projects and offers solutions in co-operation with strategic partners.

Project Management

BALance takes responsibility for the technical and administrative project management tasks and assists to get national and international R&D sponsorship for information and communication technology projects. BALance assists during the proposal preparation and also offers contractual research and development. Our focus are the European Programmes addressing information technology like ESPRIT, ACTS and BRITE-EURAM. BALance employees have more than 10 years experience in this type of projects. Current projects with BALance responsibilities in technical and administrative co-ordination are MARVEL OUS, EDIMAR and MAREXPO running in context of the European information technology programme ESPRIT.

Company Co-ordinates

Directors :

Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Ahlers
Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Brodda
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Lehne



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