The Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science at the University of Bremen (BIBA) is an interdisciplinary research institute which develops technical/organisational solutions and puts them into practice in companies of all sizes - from small skilled trade enterprises to large commercial and industrial companies. To this end, BIBA co-operates with scientists and people involved in practical applications at regional, national and international levels.

The technical infrastructure of the institute is provided by the Production Integration Centre (PIZ). The centre’s production and information technology equipment, together with BIBA’s links to information networks, are the basis for pure scientific and applied research:

  • Manufacturing Systems, Communications and Telematics
  • Computer-Aided Design, Planning and Production
  • Logistics and Globally Distributed Production
  • Quality Management
  • Work and Technology
  • Industrial Engineering and Work Design
  • Personnel Development and Qualification

Support for these activities is derived through the institute’s link with the production technology department at the University of Bremen and from diverse areas of co-operation with other University departments. The institute’s legal entity, the "Verein zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung in der Freien Hansestadt Bremen e.V.", ensures links to relevant institutions at state level.

BIBA devotes considerable attention to the needs of the maritime industry, one of the traditional industries in the Bremen area. Consequently, BIBA has been and is involved in several research projects related to maritime industry.

The following reference list presents a selection of research projects with maritime relevance, in which BIBA participated.

The list considers:

  • European joint research projects
  • German national research projects
  • Training and Qualification projects

European joint research projects :

ROCOCO Real Monitoring and Control of Construction Site Manufacturing; 1988 - 1992
NEUTRABAS Neutral Definition for Large Multi-Functional Systems; 1989 - 1992
PASHA Parallel Software: Hardware Applications; 1992 - 1994
MARITIME Modelling and Reuse of Information over Time; 1992 - 1995
MUSYK Integrated Multi-level Planning and Control System for One-of-a-Kind Production; 1992 - 1995
DECOR Decentralized & Colloborative Production Management via Enterprise Modelling & Method Reuse; 1993 - 1996
NEUROBOT Neural Network-Based Robots for Disassembly and Recycling of Automotive Products; 1994 - 1997
MARVEL OUS Maritime Industry´s Virtual Enterprise Linkage; 1995 - 1998
EDIMAR Electronic Data Interchange for the European Maritime Industry; 1997 - 1998
MAREXPO Transeuropean Information Dissemination on Maritime Industry related ICT Projects; 1997 - 1999
PROOF ESPRIT Application from Process and Product Modelling for Communication Tasks and to produce Technical Projects and Offers for One-of-a-Kind Production; NBL; NBL 17;1993 - 1995
MARIN-ABC Marine Industry Applications of Broadband Communications; RACE ; R 1062; 1989 - 1992
MOEBIUS Mobile Experimental Broadband Interconnection Using Satellites; RACE ; R 2040; 1992 - 1995
ArgoShip A Structured Methodology for the Ship Predesign Process;BRITE-EURAM ; BE.4227.90; 1992 - 1994
EIES European Information Exchange Service (EIES) for the Communication between Actors within Harbour Areas; ACTS; AC075; 1995 - 1998
MERMAID Medical Emergency Aid through Telematics;
Telematics; HC 1034; 1996 - 1997

German National Research Projects :

PPS auf Werften Shipbuilding modification of a PPC-System as a part of a computer-integrated project processing for individual and low assenbly line production in shipyards of the nineties; BMFT ; MTK 0457 B4; 1988 - 1991
K2 Realisation of a Neutral Ship-Hullform Interface Fairing-Programms and CAD System; BMFT ; 18S0026; 1990 - 1993
Planleit Leitstand für die Werkstattsteuerung – Mentale Modelle beim Planen und Steuern in der Werkstatt; BMFT; 1348; 1991 - 1993
ItiS Information Technology in Shipbuilding; BMFT; 1992 - 1995
ITiS-2 Development of an Integrated Product Data Model for Shipbuilding - Architectures, Tools, Methods; BMFT/ITiS; 18S0051E0; 1992 - 1995
ITiS-3 Communication Technology in the Shipbuilding Industry; BMFT/ITiS ; 18S0052B2; 1992 - 1995
ITiS-E Integrated Production Planning and Control on de-central Production Areas; BMFT/ItiS ; 18S0053; 1993 - 1995

Training and Qualification Projects :

TIF Bremen TiF – Company Training Facility for Integrated Manufacturing in Bremen ESF (EU), 1992 - 1994
TIF Rostock-Wismar Company Training Facility for Integrated Manufacturing in Rostock-Wismar ESF (EU), 1993 - 1994
Q-TOP Qualifying Network Technology-Organization-Personell in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ESF (EU), 1995 - 1998
MARITRAIN Europäisches Netzwerk regionaler maritimer Innovations-, Trainings- und Transferzentren ESF (EU), 1996 - 1998


Within the MAREXPO Consortium BIBA is the responsible partner for the MAREXPO booth at the following events

IiM Conf. 97 Dresden 24.-26.09.97
Systems 97 Munich 27.-31.10.97
EITC 97 Brussels 24.-26.11.97
Online 98 Düsseldorf 16.-19.02.98
CeBIT 98 Hannover 19.-25.03.98


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